Draw E

A drawing and painting cardboard robot, controlled
remotely over a server using a custom-coded web-app.

Draw-E painting

Draw-E's hands can be adjusted to hold a variety of different art tools. He can then be made to draw, write or paint by 'driving' him using a web-app. When Draw-E feels too hot, fans on the body turn on to cool him down. When you get too close to his pen, he'll flash his red lights.

The web-app is hosted on a server run on an ESP32 inside Draw-E. Buttons move the arm up and down, and a joystick coded in javascript controls the speed and direction by mapping the coordinates of the finger or mouse position to left and right wheel speeds. A thermistor detects the temperature and an ultrasonic sensor detects the proximity of obstacles.

Aside from the electronics, Draw-E was built using paper, cardboard, a clothes hangar and glue.

Development drawings