A palm-sized virtual pet designed to make exercise accessible
and fun for children, in order to improve their quality of life.

3 renders of the Chairo toy

Fewer than 25% of children do the amount of exercise that is recommended to develop good mental and physical health. Therefore, Chairo was designed to motivate exercise among 7-10 year old children, setting a habit that will improve their quality of life in the long-term.

Chairo fits comfortably into a child’s palm, and has a customisable personality based on popular game characters. The device is estimated to cost £30, and the child is encouraged to jump, run and dance in a 2m² area, making it affordable and suitable for unsupervised home use. Optical heart rate monitors measure the child's physical effort and reward it with skill points and higher levels, displayed on an inbuilt OLED screen: Chairo does not require any additional devices or equipment to use.