Hey, I'm Anna

I'm a researcher and climate tech entrepreneur. Currently building robust AI for the real world at Imperial College London and CLIP Energy.


CLIP Energy

CTO and cofounder - developing deep-learning powered sensing to empower consumers and unlock demand-side flexibility.

Hitch-hiking UAVs

What if we integrated delivery drones with public transport? A feasibility and efficiency analysis.

An Autonomous Delivery Agent

Design and build of a UAV, integrating wireless charging with autonomous package deposition and collection.


A COVID-baby. Building an interactive drawing-bot from cardboard and low-cost electronics.

Hey there, I'm Anna. I'm currently pursuing a PhD at Imperial, exploring world-models and hierarchical RL at the intersection of AI and robotics. I'm also a cofounder and CTO at CLIP Energy where I'm leading the development of our energy disagreggation algorithms to bring better energy insights to consumers. When I'm not at my desk or in the lab, you'll probably find me somewhere up a mountain!

If you want to talk AI, mountains or anything else, I'd love to hear from you over LinkedIn or by email.

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